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First annual workshop of Resalis Therapeutics at the Center for RNA Medicine

Last modified: 30.11.2022

Center for RNA Medicine (CRM) hosted the first annual workshop of Resalis Therapeutics at the Copenhagen Campus of Aalborg University on November 21st - 22nd, 2022. Resalis Therapeutics is a biotech company focused on development of first-in-class microRNA-based therapies for treatment of metabolic disorders, including MAFLD/NAFLD/NASH and obesity, using a multi-pathway approach. The company was founded in 2021 by Professor Sakari Kauppinen and Professor Riccardo Panella from CRM and is backed by a European investor syndicate led by Claris Ventures in Turin, Italy. The workshop brought together the core team of the company led by its CEO Alessandro Toniolo and provided an excellent platform to discuss the company strategy moving forward and coordinate important next steps for advancing Resalis’ lead program to the clinic. Center for RNA Medicine, Aalborg University is rapidly becoming an important RNA research hub for translating novel scientific discoveries in RNA biology and RNA-based medicine from bench to bedside.

The Resalis Therapeutics team, from left to right: Mike Hodges, BoD member and scientific advisor, Sakari Kauppinen, founder and scientific advisor, Paolo Vigo, Project Manager, Riccardo Panella, founder and BoD member, Pietro Puglisi, BoD member & chairman, Alessanso Toniolo, CEO and BoD member.