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Presentation of CRM miR-22 research

Last modified: 07.06.2023

Digestive Disease Week (DDW) and European Conference on Obesity (ECO) are two of the most prestigious scientific conferences in the metabolism field. Associate Professor Riccardo Panella was present at both recently, brining AAU name and science around the US and Europe.
Panella presented the research conducted at CRM regarding the role of #miR-22 in controlling metabolism, specifically obesity and hepatic lipid accumulation. Rigorous and detailed investigations on several mouse models allows AAU scientist to understand the role of miR-22 in controlling multiple pathways related to different aspect of metabolism and how those pathways get de-regulated during metabolic disfunctions. CRM researchers are now using this information to design and develop an RNA-based therapy for obesity and NAFLD…. Stay tuned, the future is promising!!!